About Us

The company has two Directors, Stewart Thomas an Electrical Inspector who founded the business in 1983 and Russell Johnson who started in 1990 with Stewart and became a partner in 1998.

Our staff work together well helping each other when needed, and they enjoy the relationships they build up with the clients. 

Walker & Thomas is an electrical firm comprising of an electrical inspector, six tradesmen, three electrical apprentices and office staff. Our core focus is based around industrial installations and maintenance. Our tradesmen a have vast knowledge of the electrical industry. We are involved with Pumps, motor control, soft starts and speed drives on a daily basis and so are competent with installation, maintenance and advice on systems.

Our vehicle fleet consists of modern vehicles that are very reliable for the distances travelled and includes a four wheel drive enabling us access to jobs in remote locations. Some pumps and even building sites can waste many hours if you are unable to get your equipment to the job site.

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Stewart Thomas

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Russell Johnson


The Team


Stew Thomas 
027 289 5611


Russell Johnson
027 442 8032 


Scott Lutty
027 289 5427 


Grant Cole
027 622 6293 

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Graeme O'Malley
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Sam O'Leary
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Devon Johnson 

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 Ryan Thomas
027 565 6734